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Selfie Station / A Social Media Marketing Photo Booth for Your Business

Are you looking for an innovative and engaging marketing solution to connect with your customers through the massive power and influence of social media? Buy a photo booth today! Curious about how to buy a photo booth? It's easy, call us or fill out the contact form on our website.

With the all new Selfie Station Machine from InstaPics you can provide your customers with an exciting and interactive experience that people love to share, and build awareness by promoting a positive online presence for your business. Buying a photo booth is easy, if you're curious on how to buy a photo booth selfie station, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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Selfie Station

Selfie Station is a small automated social media photo machine which can easily fit into any retail location. The Selfie Station allows your customers to take customized selfies with customized graphic photo borders featuring your brand and then share them instantly with friends and family through texting, email and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest promoting your brand. This process creates a powerful promotion for your location and lets thousands of your customer’s social media followers to be instantly introduced to your brand!


Selfie Station generates thousands of Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” weekly and will drive your social media presence through “the roof”.


Your customer can also take a selfie or group photo on the Selfie Station and choose from a selection of custom frames with your brand on it and swipe their credit/ATM card to purchase a high quality 4x6 print for $2 to cherish and enjoy with friends and family and your brand keeps going and going.

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